stack harbor


website design | illustration


Stack Harbor is a cloud-based hosting platform born and raised in Montreal that prides itself on simplicity and transparency.

As a front-end web design intern for the company, I was tasked with creating the look-and-feel of the Stack Harbor Community. Separate from the user dashboard and main website, the Community pages are where users can find helpful tips and tutorials to take advantage of the full Stack Harbor experience.

creating a community


Creating the Stack Harbor Community required designing high-fidelity mockups for both desktop and mobile environments that were ready for hand-off to the developers. The tone for the community was more fun and playful than the rest of the website, which left room to explore lots of illustrative and colourful approaches to the design. The result is a light and friendly design that separates the community page visually, but still aligns with the existing Stack Harbor brand.

Other tasks included creating icons, diagrams, and small animations to accompany articles and tutorials, as well as creating illustrations for various headers across the website.

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