jasmine molle


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Jasmine Molle is a small-town event photographer specialising in wedding and event photography, pet and baby portraits, and family photos.

Jasmine’s request was simple: she needed a place for potential clients to view her work, price lists and contact information. Most importantly for her, she wanted to be able to update the photographs that were on display herself, as often as she needed, with no strings attached. Her budget was small and her resources few, so a challenge lay in balancing her needs and means.

a simplified solution


Anticipating her need to appear unique among her competitors and emphasize her strengths as a photographer, I created a look for Jasmine’s website and business material that reflected the kind of events that she photographs.Clean and modern, with elements of retro frills, the website feels like an invitation; her logo a seal of approval, promising a packaged product that will add quality to any affair.

Her photography, displayed in a simple slideshow, pulls directly from her flickr account—an interface she was already familiar with—to make integration and updates effortless for her.

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