between the lines


product design | concept


A conceptual exploration in UX design, Between the Lines was born out of a personal passion for reading and a desire to discuss literature with my peers. Not content with existing platforms such as Goodreads, the Reading Room, and various online forums, I created the concept for Between the Lines as a book club application that is devoted to in-depth discussions and enriching reading experiences.

a new way to read


The user dashboard shows a list of discussions according to the tags, authors, and other users that you follow. Modify your tags, save posts, and join the discussion. Allowing users to tag and source their material during the creation of a discussion helps to deepen the understanding of the text, strengthen their analysis, and allow other users to experience new literature quickly & easily. The book pages feature descriptions, rating options, popular discussions, and suggested further reading.

just what you needed


An important feature of the app is the reading suggestions. The application suggests books for you based on your preferences and followed tags, or you can answer a few questions about your preferred next read and the app will suggest a book for you.

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