any day buddy


art direction | branding | product design


Any Day Buddy is a friend-making social media application that helps users meet people in the real world who like the same things they do.

The people behind Any Day Buddy approached me early in the conception phase. I was enlisted to help create a distinct brand identity and a unique experience that felt comfortable and fun for users.

a friendly new face


Any Day Buddy's brand is warm and friendly, evoking the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop with a friend. The logo, a "B" comprised of two speech bubbles evokes communication, and the logotype is both clean and colloqial with its hand-written letterforms.

The design of both the application and the desktop dashboard focused on user interface simplicity. The app has a number of important features, so ensuring the user's understanding of how those features work was crucial. It was important not to overwhelm the user with options, and to use convention and visual suggestion to smooth the process.

Illustrations, icons and animations also influence the user experience by encouraging users to try features as well as breathing life into the application. Any Day Buddy is a friendly and fun app without being overtly childish that inspires users to try new things and meet new people.

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